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Understanding Addiction
Psycho-Educational Series

Join us for this FREE lunch hour virtual 4 part series aimed to help you understand, connect with, and support family members and loved ones suffering from addiction – substance use (drugs and alcohol) and behavioral (gambling, internet, food, money, work, romantic relationships, and sex).

How to Register:
We welcome you to attend individual or multiple sessions. Sign up online or call 678-381-1687

Overview of each Session:

Session #1: Overview of Addiction 

Tuesday 6/21 or Thursday 6/30

  • What exactly is addiction and how does it differ from a habit?

  • What are the different types of addiction?

  • What other mental health issues often occur with addiction?

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Image by Tobias Tullius

Session #2: How Addiction Impacts the Individual 

Tuesday 6/28 or Thursday 7/7

  • Understand how addiction manifests in: 1) the brain, 2) thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and 3) families.

  • Gain insight into cyclical nature of addiction and relapse.

Session #3: Supporting Someone with Addiction & Self-Care 

Tuesday 7/5 or Thursday 7/14

  • Learn about self-care strategies, communication tips, creating boundaries and how to approach holidays.

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Support Groups

Session #4: Navigating Treatment Options

Tuesday 7/12 or Thursday 7/21

  • Understanding the different levels of treatment options available when seeking support for addiction and recovery and what to expect.

*All Virtual sessions are FREE and are from 12 - 12:45pm EST

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