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College-Bound Fundamentals

It's high school graduation season!


A time of intense emotions ranging from excitement and joy to apprehension and fear. College-Bound Fundamentals Coaching is designed to alleviate common fears, develop skills, and share strategies and information to help our new graduates make a successful transition to college life.

The gift of customized coaching provides you with peace of mind and your child with the skills and confidence to successfully reach their personal and academic potential as they live away from home for the first time.

Cost of coaching includes assessments of college-readiness and study habits.


  • Study habits and study skills

  • Test anxiety

  • Time management and organization

  • Planning and goal-setting

Personal Care & Wellness

  • Rethinking stress

  • Self-regulation and peer pressure

  • Healthy eating away from home

  • Fitness

  • Sleep hygiene

Life Skills

  • Taking responsibility

  • Self-advocacy

  • Managing appointments, schedules and calendar

  • Managing household responsibilities (cleaning, laundry, shopping)

Contact Jeannine Jannot for more information or to schedule.



College-Bound Fundamentals Coaching
Fundamentals Coaching Session
75 minutes 

Sessions available in-person and online via wecounsel

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