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Peachtree Psychology - Therapy - Studeny & Parent Coaching

Student & Parent Coaching

We want the best for our kids. We want them to reach their academic potential, but not to be consumed by perfection and achievement. We want them to have friends and fun, but not to shirk their responsibilities. We want them to experience all the wonders of being young, but also to navigate the transition into adulthood successfully.


Academic coaching is a form of mentoring that helps students meet their goals through insight and support. Study habits and skills are assessed, and strategies are tailored to support students’ opportunities for growth, mental wellness and academic success. These strategies are customized to meet students’ needs and are anchored in developmental theory and neuropsychology. 


Student Services

  • Study Skills and Strategies 

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management and Procrastination

  • Organization and Executive Functioning

  • Wellness – Sleep, Screens, Stress

  • Relationships 


Parent Services

  • Communication Issues

  • Power Struggles and Setting Limits

  • Lack of Focus and Motivation

  • Issues with Sleep and Stress

  • Negotiating Transitions

  • Parent Education and Support


Academic coaching is an investment. The skills instructed, practiced and developed will remain with students throughout their lives. The acquired skill set will be generalizable to all facets of life for years to come.


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Therapists Specializing in Student/Parent Coaching: 

Peachtree Psychology - Student Coaching
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