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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy offers numerous benefits for emotional intimacy, erectile difficulties, orgasmic difficulties, painful intercourse, desire discrepancy, premature ejaculation, arousal concerns, delayed ejaculation, body image concerns, renewed passion, non-traditional relationships, and kink practices. It helps couples enhance their emotional connection and intimacy by fostering open communication and addressing underlying emotional issues.


Sex therapy provides a holistic approach to address erectile and orgasmic difficulties through psychological, physical, and relational interventions. It also supports individuals in overcoming painful intercourse, desire discrepancies, arousal concerns, delayed ejaculation, and body image concerns by creating a safe space for exploration, understanding, and effective strategies.


Sex therapy is especially valuable for couples in non-traditional relationships and those engaging in kink practices, offering a non-judgmental environment to negotiate desires, boundaries, and power dynamics, while addressing conflicts and societal pressures. By promoting understanding, satisfaction, and fulfillment in sexual and emotional lives, sex therapy can be key to enhancing safety and trust in your relationship. 


Services Can Include: 

  • Emotional Intimacy

  • Erectile Difficulites

  • Orgasmic Difficulties

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Desire Discrepancy

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Arousal Concerns

  • Delayed Ejaculation

  • Body Image Concerns

  • Renewed Passion

  • Roles

  • Non-traditional relationships 

  • Kink exploration & communication

Therapists Specializing in Sex Therapy: 

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