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There are so many questions new parents face—so many decisions that seem world-changing if the wrong path is taken—but at the core of everything is you, your child, and your relationship together. The years between birth and five years old are full of endless adjustments and developmental milestones, which can be miraculous and sometimes intimidating. 

Our work with parents includes:

  • Fostering a healthy attachment for both parents and child

  • Working with children and their parents to help develop healthy adjustment strategies

  • Teaching parenting skills and how to emotionally respond to your child’s needs

  • How to set boundaries

  • Introducing tools that help your child grow and thrive in a positive direction

  • Coping with challenges related to first-time parenting


Parenting is not easy but having a partner in the process can reestablish your confidence and rekindle the joy in every part of the amazing journey.

Therapists who Specialize in Parenting: 

Peachtree Psychology - Therapy - Parenting
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