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Bonds of Brotherhood


A General Support Group for Men


Bonds of Brotherhood (B.O.B.) is a general support group where men can find a safe and empowering place to voice their struggles, find support, regain their mental and emotional strength, and define a healthier idea of what it means to "be a man."

  • Want to develop a healthier concept of masculinity?

  • Relationship problems?

  • Struggling with anger, anxiety or feeling depressed?

  • Stressed at work or with raising a family?

  • Going through a major life transition?

Group Details:


7:00 - 8:30 p.m.


All men ages 22+

The group is led by Neil Martin, Psy.D., a Licensed Psychologist who works with a wide variety of clients on concerns including men's issues and masculinity, anger management, depression, anxiety, self-criticism/perfectionism, mindful technology use, self-esteem, and AD/HD.

Please note that an inital interview is required prior to attending for the first time.

Neil Martin, Psy.D.


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