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Life Transitions

Change is an inevitable part of life. We learn, we grow, we achieve milestones and set new goals. Life transitions can come in many different forms: a change in where we live, the addition of or loss of a romantic partner or friend, a change in career or job, coming out to our family, friends, or co-workers about our sexuality and/or gender identity, the death of a loved one, the addition of a new family member, a physical or mental illness of our own or of a loved one – the list goes on and on. Even if change is positive, it can still bring stress as we adjust to our new way of life.

Adjusting to change is a necessity—but that does not make it easy, no matter how old you are.Starting school, moving to a new state or city, or even shifting from a busy day-to-day life to retirement can cause stress and sometimes unexpected emotional ups and downs. This is normal, and it is okay. However, learning to work through the difficult emotions related to different forms of adjustments is essential. If unaddressed, they can eventually manifest into more serious symptoms such as depression and anxiety. 


Any transition in life can bring the unexpected, but that does not mean that you are stuck in a place where you will continue to be unsatisfied. You can discover the best of your new situation, and we are here to help you along this journey.

Therapists Specializing in Life Transitions: 

Peachtree Psychology - Therapy - Life Transitions
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