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Peachtree Psychology - Therapy - Attachment Disorders

Attachment Disorders

Attachment disorders fall along a spectrum from secure attachment (where children are doing well) to insecure attachment (where children are at highest risk). With secure attachments, caregivers display relaxed, warm and positive interactions involving some form of direct expression of feelings or desires and the ability to negotiate conflict or disagreement.


Secure attachment caregivers are encouraging, sensitive, consistent and responsive. Insecure attachments are those in which can lead the child to lose confidence in their caregiving system, believing that the caregiver lacks availability during times of distress or trauma.


Our therapists are trained in attachment disorders and can help process any attachment issues that you have and overcome obstacles that might be in the way of your progression to having secure attachments.

Therapists Specializing in Personality Disorders: 

Peachtree Psychology - Therapy - Attachment Disorders
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